Carpets Cleaned Means Fresher Air

Deep Steam offers a more comprehensive, preventative, safe and sanitary flexible Deep Steam carpet cleaning experience.

Deep Steam will help you elevate the quality of your home or office life. We offer unique, customized Deep cleaning to remove grime, odors and stains that even the most powerful carpet cleaning techniques have trouble reaching. Our efficient carpet cleaning tools work to prevent the growth of mold and over-saturation — two elements many carpet cleaning companies in the Middle Tennessee overlook.

Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

At Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning, We Strive to have an option for every customer. We understand that every household has its own circumstances, and that’s why we offer the all-natural Deep Steam Pro-safe Citrus Cleaning.

Here is a list on why Deep Steam uses the Pro-safe Citrus Formula:

  • NO VOC’S
  • NO NTA’S

But how safe is it, you may ask?

It’s so safe your asthmatic Grandmother could lay on the floor without a care in the world, much like the glory days of the 40’s and 50’s.*
It’s so safe your baby that was born without an immune system, forcing him to live in a bubble, could finally live freely in your home again.*

It’s so safe that Monarchs from faraway lands would blush in comparison as how UNSAFE their carpets are. It’s so safe that you can still eat that plate of spaghetti after you’ve spilled it on the ground (but you’re going to have to clean your carpets again).

Benefits of Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Services

Here are just a handful of the benefits of green carpet cleaning companies:

  • Chemical-free facilities: Our all-natural, plant-based solutions are 100 percent toxin-free. This fact means that our cleaning facility is toxic-chemical-free too. As a result, you can trust that your cleaning product will be made safely from pure and natural ingredients.
  • Better air quality: No chemicals means better air quality for your home. After a carpet cleaning, you can rest assured that the lovely citrus fragrance left behind is safe for your lungs.
    Environmentally friendly design: Harsh chemicals are bad for the planet. Our green cleaning solution is both planet- and people-friendly.
  • Safer surfaces for pets and kids: No parent wants to expose their child to a carpet cleaned with toxic chemicals. Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning understands that mothers are more committed than most companies to providing a truly green cleaning service.
  • Powerful capabilities: There are few conceivable downsides to using natural carpet cleaning services in your  home. Green solutions have been to known to do a better job cleaning than harsh, chemical-based solutions. There’s power in plants! 
  • Faster Dry Time: Have you ever had to wait days for your professionally cleaned carpet to dry? Experience the efficiency of a low-moisture deep Steam process. With many citrus carpet cleaning products, your rug, carpet or upholstery is dry in under five hours. A shorter wait time means you can return to your daily routine sooner and enjoy the crisp citrus scent of your clean carpet.

Orange peel uses in cleaning

Natural sponge

If you have trouble with grease on your kitchen counter or the sink, or leftover oils in your pans, you can use orange peel as a natural sponge to clean them up. The reason is that when not dried, orange peels have some essential oils and substances that help absorb and clean greasy surfaces.

Air freshener

Even though orange peel is very hard to eat due to its bitterness, but it gives out a very nice aroma. You can boil it and set it in the kitchen to freshen up the air. Or another way to use it is to put the dry peels in a paper bag and set them on fire; they will give out a nice smell for your entire house.

Clean garbage disposal

Cleaning the garbage disposal can be a tedious task, but with a simple trick with orange peels, you can get it done in no time. Just simply dice orange peels into small cubes, put them in the disposal and run it with some water until it’s completely clean and leave no smell left.


If you have an orange peeler, after peeling your orange, put a little salt in the peels, then place them in your fridge or in your bathroom to give the space a sweet aroma. You can also place them at the bottom of the garbage can to get rid of some bad scent.

absorb odors

Orange peels also can absorb odors; you can dry them and put them near your shoes rack or socks, it will make them smell much better and fragrant

Make a natural citrus cleaner

The citrus cleaner works best when it comes to disinfecting, or reducing mold and calcium build up. With leftover orange peels, a little vinegar, and boiling water, you can make a simple, eco-friendly, effective citrus cleaner.