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When you call on Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning, you will never hear us ask if you want a “deep Steam” and there is a simple reason, deep Steam is our standard – it is the only way we work. Perhaps that is why our customers recommend us so often. Our solutions are human and pet friendly, beginning with our pre-treatment application. We use hot water extraction (better known as steam cleaning), which is recommended by most carpet manufacturers and is the best way to remove dirt from deep within the carpet pile. Our high-volume extraction process means carpeting dries quickly. We finish each job with a pleasing, long-lasting deodorizing application.



The 11 step system is applied as needed on a "case by case basis". Pricing may vary.

Step 1

Pre-Cleaning Inspection

The carpet should be inspected and tested so the technicians can inform the expected results and any potential challenges. This inspection should include identifying the fiber type as well as any potentially permanent stains.

Step 2

Dry Soil Removal

Vacuuming if necessary. Up to 85% of soil in a carpet is dry particulate soil that has bonded to the surface. Household vacuum cleaners do not always remove all of the dry soil. If not completely removed, it may “wick” back upon drying.

Step 3


Pre-spray - A solution is applied that loosens the soil and some spots for more effective removal.

Step 4

Pre-Treat Spots

Some spots require special solutions and special care for complete removal and to avoid the stain“setting.” Charge might apply.

Step 5

Pre-Cleaning Grooming

The carpet is gently massaged to further loosen the soils so that aggressive, harmful cleaning is not needed.

Step 6

Hot Water Extraction

Now that the soil has been properly “suspended,” it can be extracted without over-wetting or leaving a sticky residue behind.

Step 7


A common problem is that some carpet cleaners do not neutralize the carpet. Not balancing the pH can cause the carpet to be stiff and attract dirt like a magnet.

Step 8

Specialty Spotting

Stubborn stains sometimes require specialty stain removal processes; extra charges may apply. Because many cleaners do not train themselves, they do not know about these processes.

Step 9

Post-Cleaning Grooming

The pile of the carpet should then be “finished” so it dries and cures in the proper direction.

Step 10

Speed Dry

Proper drying should be insured with high-velocity air movers.

Step 11

Post-Cleaning Inspection

A thorough walk-through is done to ensure that the customers are completely satisfied with the cleaning job.

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