How to Get Powder Makeup Out of Carpet (Simple Steps)

From coffee spills, to accidentally dropping our food, carpets go through a lot. One of the most common items that fall onto the carpet is powdered makeup. This product that is meant to enhance your beauty, can do the opposite to your carpet. Accidentally knocking some powdered makeup onto the carpet happens quite frequently. So, how do you get face powder of carpet?

Whenever you spill a makeup product on your carpet, it is essential that you are quick about the clean-up. Quickly removing the product will prevent the fibers from being permanently stained which makes them difficult to remove.

Another useful tip to remember is to be gentle. When removing powder make up from your carpet fibers, any aggressive action can cause the powder to steep more in-depth into the fibers which also will make it even harder to remove.

The biggest thing to be aware of when treating a powdered makeup stain on clothing is that you want to use a gentle touch so as not to grind the makeup into the fabric, which can leave permanent stains on your carpet.

Vacuum it Away

Start by thoroughly vacuuming the makeup powder from the carpet. Most of the makeup dust will be lifted away in this manner. In some cases, vacuuming will entirely remove the makeup powder. Limit the vacuuming only to the spot affected, so as not to spread the makeup stain on other areas on the carpet.

Try Soap and Water

After vacuuming, any leftover makeup powder can be dealt with by using soap and water solution. You don’t need commercial based stain removers or beach for this task. Simply mix mild liquid soap dish and water in a bowl, and get a white piece of cloth or sponge and get ready to clean your carpet.

Dip the sponge into the soap mixture and wring it to remove excess water then set to wipe the stained area. Ensure you wipe in gentle motions so as not to spread the stain. It should be such that the carpet gets just a little wet with the soap solution. Soaked carpets will give you a hard time to dry, and the stain will spread to other areas.

Makeup Remover

Ensure that you don’t over-flood the stained area with the liquid makeup remover. Go about it applying drops of it on a piece of cloth and then treating the stained area on the carpet by dabbing the soaked cloth onto the stain.

You can also use moistened toilette that have been pre-moistened with makeup remover. Such pre-moistened pads are soaked in the remover, but they are not overly damp or wet, they are just moist enough to lift off the powder makeup stain.

Cleaning powder makeup from carpet is easy. Note that whichever way you decide to go about cleaning powder makeup from your carpet, always test a small portion to make sure that your carpet does not react negatively. You can rid most it by vacuuming, but in case the fibers are stained, dabbing with a piece of cloth dipped in soap solution makeup remover will do the trick. For professional assistance,Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning offers a variety of carpet cleaning services.



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