Protect Carpet from Dog Urine (The Best Way)

Do you know how to protect carpet from dog Urine? From the moment you bring a puppy into the house, you can expect accidents here and there. The potty training process can last weeks to months. During that time, it is expected there will be some urine to clean up. Even beyond the puppy years, accidents can still occur. Dog urine can destroy carpet and furniture, and cleaning it is a battle.

Generally, when an accident occurs, the first reaction is to run to the kitchen and grab the first cleaning product you can find. Usually, it ends up involving a great deal of work to actually lift the stain. However, all the scrubbing and rubbing with household cleaners won’t remove the stain or odor. For small rugs, all you need is some detergent and some baking soda to get rid of both stains and odor. For carpets, you will need a mixture of that plus some specialized dog urine removal agent. There are tons of these agents on the market today. These solutions effectively remove stains and odors caused by urine.

  1. Determine where the affected area is – Finding the area affected by the urine is pretty easy if the excrement is still damp. However, you will also want to get rid of stains that have dried out and are unnoticed under the naked eye and under the radar of the unaided nose.

You may use a black light to help you find these stubborn stains. These lamps will show stains that have been sitting around for up to three months in the past. Make sure you pay attention to even old stains, even if they don’t show. The chemicals in dog urine could very well remain in the carpet and cause damage to the carpet material.

  1. Soak up wet stains. If your dog has just unloaded on your carpet, soak up its urine using paper towels or old newspapers. Don’t allow the urine to soak in the carpet and dry up there as it could increase the residue in the carpet that is hard to remove.

  2. Clean up the mess – Most stains and odors can be handled by a combination of detergent, and baking soda. If the material of your carpet contraindicates the use of such chemicals, you will want to purchase special dog urine removal solutions to take care of the problem. Urine has chemicals such as ammonia that may not be easily removed by conventional methods. A good remover solution will help with this problem.

  3. Maintain regular “Shake Ups” – You carpet can only endure so much regular cleaning. Once in a while have a wet vac go through your carpets to give it a thorough and much-needed cleansing.

So, How Do You Protect Carpet from Dog Urine?

Dog urine can be pretty tricky to remove. But with the proper tools and the proper techniques, you will be able to protect carpet from dog urine. The tips in this article will help keep your carpet looking new.



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