How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet with Salt (It’s Easy!)

Unfortunately, spills can happen on any flooring surface. When that red wine lands on your beige carpet, it can be a nightmare. Fortunately, there are several ways to get red wine out of your carpet. It helps if you know how to get red wine out of carpet with salt, because that’s one of the easiest methods to use.

In this post, we’ll highlight how to get rid of red wine stains from your carpet using salt. We’ll also point out a few other tricks that can help to remove those unsightly red wine stains from your carpet.

Using Salt

As soon as you stain your carpet with red wine, start by trying to blot as much of it as you can. A carpet cleaning hack to remember is it’s better to blot than rub the stain so it doesn’t worsen. You can use a paper towel or an absorbent cloth to absorb as much of the wine as possible. Your next step is to cover the stained area with salt until the red wine stain is no longer visible. Give the salt ample time to soak into the wet wine then let it dry. The salt should then suck up the wine as it dries. Once the salt dries, simply vacuum everything up.

Baking Soda

Using a clean cloth, blot as much of the red wine stain as possible. Once you’ve finished blotting, pour some cold water onto the stained area. This helps to dilute what’s left of the stain and makes blotting a bit easier. Keep on blotting until you find that no more of the stain will come out. Now prepare a paste by mixing one-part water to three parts baking soda and apply it to the affected area. Finally, wait for the paste to dry then vacuum the carpet. If this method doesn’t work, our team here at Done Your Way Carpet Cleaning can effectively remove the stain.


As with most stains, you’ll want to start by removing any wine that hasn’t yet been absorbed by the carpet fibers. You can use a clean cloth or paper towels.

  • Then pour two cups of warm water in a small bowl. Mix one tbsp. of dishwashing liquid and one tbsp. of vinegar.

  • Apply the solution directly onto the stain using a sponge that you’ve dipped into the bowl.

  • Continue blotting the stain until it has lifted.

Club Soda

When it comes to dealing with red wine stains, club soda works quite well.

  • Start by blotting the stain with a clean, dry cloth.

  • Pour club soda on the stain then blot it again.

  • Repeat the process until the stain disappears.

Bottom Line

It is not uncommon to accidentally spill red wine on carpet. With the tips mentioned above, you now know how to get red wine out of carpet with salt. And if the salt doesn’t work, you can try any other method. Be sure to test any cleaning product on a small, hidden section of the carpet before going ahead with the cleaning process.



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